A Box of Stories

A Box of Stories is a book subscription box that sends you four random books every month! There are 6 boxes to choose from (Fiction, Mixed, Crime, Young Adults, Light Reader, and Historical Fiction), starting from £14.99 a month. The idea behind A Box of Stories is that by buying a box, you are saving four fantastic, brand new books that would have ended up on landfill, since only 17% of books produced are lucky enough to receive a decent marketing budget and make it to the ‘Bestsellers’ list created via the media and in bookstores.

Among the other 83% are many amazing books and new authors that get squeezed out of sight in the marketing blitz of the selected known bestsellers. And there they stay…undiscovered. A Box of Stories also donates a percentage of their profits to charities working for literacy, to help keep spreading the joy of reading across the globe!

Interested? Use code: amysbooknook2off to get £2 off your first box!

A Box of Stories Mission Statement

“At A Box of Stories our surprise book boxes introduce readers to amazing new authors and stories. Over 70 million books are destroyed each year, resulting in a great many never making it into the hands of people that might otherwise love them. By scanning thousands of titles and using real reader recommendations, each box saves four books and allows our community to discover titles beyond the obvious bestsellers.”

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