Ghost Hunters: Bones in the Wall – My Review

“Then, I took a deep breath and spoke to my very first ghost.”

Susan McCauley, Ghost Hunters: Bones in the Wall

My Quick Review: Ghost Hunters: Bones in the wall is a fantastic first novel in this new series. It is fun, engaging, and quickly paced. The characters are relatable and fun, and the concept of ghost’s being common world knowledge is a fresh take on a haunted tale that I’ve never seen before. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and could not put it down once I had started it!

Category: Middle Grade, Paranormal, Fantasy, Horror

Pages: 240

Publisher: Celtic Sea Publishing

Release Date: 09/02/2020


Twelve-year-old Alex may have lost his ability to play sports, but he gained the ability to see ghosts. Now he must figure out how to put an evil spirit to rest–or die trying.

Once an athlete and popular kid, Alex is in a terrible car accident that severely injures his hip and leaves him with a rare power: he can hear and see ghosts. All Alex wants is to be normal. But when a malevolent spirit begins haunting him, Alex must accept his unwanted psychic powers and work with his best friend, his paranormal investigator cousin, and two friendly spirits to solve the mystery of the bones in the wall and put the vicious ghost to rest. If he fails, he’ll lose his family and friends to a gruesome fate.

“I spared one final glance backward. The bullet-holed janitor stood there leaning on his ghost mop, smiling.”

Susan McCauley, Ghost Hunters: Bones in the Wall

My Review (may contain slight spoilers):

Ghost Hunters: Bones in the wall, follows the story of 12 year old Alex, who was involved in a terrible accident that cost him his future career in sports. After waking up, however, Alex starts to notice that he has gained the ability to talk to ghosts! In the universe Susan McCauley has created, ghosts are no simple fictional creatures, but are common knowledge throughout the world. In this fresh take on a haunted tale, wards against ghosts are common practice and monitored by the government, psychic’s are practically a part of the police department, and 101: on how to prevent a haunting is essentially part of the school curriculum!

This book is an excellent introduction to this new middle grade paranormal series. The characters are entertaining and relatable, and there are heartwarming relationships developed throughout. It is an excellent story for new young readers who want to branch out into the paranormal genre. The ghosts are extremely well written and described, and the development of Alex’s new abilities are very well realised. I honestly had such fun reading this book, I literally could not put it down once I had started, and finished it in one sitting.

Conclusion: I would 100% recommend this book to all ages, not just middle grade. I adored the fresh take on how ghosts are perceived throughout the world. I have honestly not read a book like it before and I cannot wait to pick up the rest of the series!


“It was now or never. I may not be a skilled Psychic, but if I had the power Frank and Aunt Elena seemed to think they’d seen in me, then I had to use it. If I didn’t then we’d all die.”

Susan McCauley, Ghost Hunters: Bones in the Wall

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