Ghost Hunters: Pirate’s Curse – My Review

“”How’d you get in here?” I asked, sighing with relief. A cat I could handle. I reached out to pet him. But instead of soft, warm fur, my hand went straight through him.”

― Susan McCauley, Ghost Hunters: Pirate’s curse

My Quick Review: This was an excellent second novel in the Ghost Hunter series by Susan McCauley. Again, the writing was fast paced and witty, the characters well written, and the story captivating. I thoroughly enjoyed the addition of a ghost cat called “Onyx”, and found my self desperately wanting one myself! It is a spooky and enjoyable coming-of-age story that I would highly recommend for middle grade readers.

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Category: Middle Grade, Paranormal, Fantasy, Horror

Pages: 217

Publisher: Celtic Sea Publishing

Release Date: 03/03/2021


In this ghostly and fast-paced adventure, twelve-year-old Alex must use his psychic gifts to speak with a pirate ghost to solve the curse of an old pirate hangout—if he fails, his best friends could be trapped there forever.

Ghosts are commonplace in this dark and exciting world, and the psychics who deal with “The Problem” are rare. Apprentice Psychic Investigator Alex and his two friends take on their first solo case to discover who’s haunting an old New Orleans pub. They battle ferocious winds, driving rain, and raging spirits to put the pirates’ curse to rest.

Ghost Hunters: Pirates’ Curse (Book 2 in the Ghost Hunters series) is filled with rich characters, spooky moments, and action-packed fun.

“He seemed nice enough – for a pirate.”


My Review (may contain slight spoilers):

Alex, the psychic, is back again in this second novel in the Ghost Hunters series. Pirate’s curse is centered around an ancient pirates curse that will continue to terrify patrons to Lafitte’s Blacksmith shop bar, if left unchecked. Thankfully for the owner, psychic in training, Alex, is on the case with his best friend Jason, and wannabe paranormal investigator cousin, Hannah. Not to mention the help of a friendly ghost cat, Onyx, who I absolutely fell in love with whilst reading this book. As they come to investigate what was thought to be a routine haunting, Alex and his companions come to realise that the ghostly haunting’s of this building run a lot deeper than anyone could have thought, and it is up to the three of them, to solve the mysterious behind the curse of the long lost pirates treasure.

Once again, Susan McCauley’s writing was engaging, witty, and heartwarming. This is an excellent coming-of-age story, and I loved every character of the main trio. I especially connected with Jason’s loyalty, patience and enthusiasm, it caused me to feel those exact emotions towards the main character throughout the story. The ghosts were extremely funny, and well realised, and the mystery surrounding the entire book was well thought out and full of suspense.

Conclusion: I would definitely recommend the Ghost Hunters series to any middle grade reader who is wanting to branch out into the paranormal genre. It has horror aspects without being too scary. If you love pirate stories, ghosts, and adventures then this is definitely the book for you!


“I pulled out my copy of Ghost Hunting: A Psychic’s Manual and flipped to the common prayer for helping spirits cross over.”


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